What Sleep Apnea Sounds Like

It is not very difficult to determine if someone is struggling through their sleep with obstructive sleep apnea(OSA).  Actually, it is quite simple.  All you need to do is take a good listen to the sounds that are being made, and there’s a great chance you will be able to recognize the tell tale signs of his sleeping disorder.  In this video, you can hear the common sounds of moderate snoring, but you can also hear the sounds of airway obstructions if you listen a bit more closely.

What might surprise you is that sleep apnea is not something that is reserved for men or women.  It is found in both sexes and the current trend is that more and more females are being diagnosed as the years are moving forward.  One thing that everyone should pay attention to is directly related to sleep.  If you are feeling tired and fatigued during the day, try to record your sleep one night with a simple video camera.  It is very possible that you are making sleep apnea related sounds just like you can hear in this video.  All snoring is not sleep apnea, but quite a bit of it is.

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