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What Patients Want For Sleep Apnea Testing

Meeting Patient Needs:

Now that we are in the computer age, there has been a big change in the needs and wants of the large population of patients when it comes to getting tested for Sleep Apnea or Snoring.  There was a time not too long ago when the local or maybe regional sleep disorder clinic was the only option for anyone who needed to have a sleep study performed.  A overnight sleep lab is a place where you take one or two days out of your schedule and try and sleep at an outside location while a medical technician monitors your sleeping.  Also, this enviornment requires that you become hooked up to numerous different wires to assist in monitoring how you sleep.  The bottomline with sleep labs is that they are starting to go away.  The reason why sleep labs do not work anymore is not because they are in-accurate, but rather because they are not the cheapest and most convenient option for patients anymore.

What Does Everyone Want in a Sleep Study?

Once the bill has been paid, it has become clear that all people are really wanting to get from the sleep study experience is a valid test result that will explain if their snoring is really bad and something that should be treated or not.  Also, patients are wanting to find out if they have moderate or mild obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  The equpiment that has come on the market due to advances in technology, now allow for patients to wear a portable device at home, and it allows for the same exact study to be performed.  The cost of the home sleep study is a small fraction of the cost when you compare it to going into an overnight sleep lab.  Also, primary care physicians who are usually the doctors ordering the sleep study, are finding that the patients are much more compliant with taking the home sleep study, so it is for sure the best option for diagnosing certain sleep disorders and especially snoring and apnea.

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