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Treating Sleep Apnea with Weight Loss

Sleep Apnea & Weight Loss

Doctors can be pretty funny sometimes, especially when it comes to the varying weighs that different doctors practice medicine.  I recently was meeting with a doctor in San Francisco who works specifically with patients who are overweight.  That’s right, in order to make it into this doctor’s office, you must be overweight.  There is nothing unusual so far, but when I started to learn more about how this doctor practices medicine, it became clear that some differences from the normal doctor exist.

Take for example the common issue of sleep apnea for overweight patients.  Sleep apnea affects all sets and subsets of the population, and this particular doctor claims to have dealt with a good amount of these patients.

When I asked how the doctor diagnoses and treat the sleep apnea symptoms, that’s when things got interesting.  The doctor described that sleep apnea is treated with diet and diet alone!

“Wow”, I thought.  That sounds pretty cool.  The doctor went ahead and explained to me that by reducing the excess mass and tissue underneath the neck, it allowed for many more people to evacuate and escape.  This doctor did not believe in the sleep testing of the patients, felt that was just a waste of money all together.  So, for this practice, the best way to lose your sleep apnea is to lose weight.

What’s great news is that sleep apnea and obesity go hand in hand, so if you can strike out one problem, you might be able to fix other ones.

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