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Taking Naps In the Middle of the Day

Do you Nap Each Day?

Why is it that we always seem to feel more tired after lunch?  And why is it that everyone always says things like, wow, we must be in a food comma?  Scientists have been researching this for hundreds of years, and so far there is no exact proof of what is going on inside our bodies, but it is generally believed that there must be something going on somewhere.

The Most Dangerous Time of the Day

It turns out that the early afternoon is by far the most dangerous time of the day.  If you contact your local police department or highway patrol office, they will tell you the exact same thing.  Each year thousands of people die in mid-day car accidents due to someone dozing off behind the wheel.  This is not always because that person has a sleeping disorder and did not get quality sleep the night before.  Rather, it very well could have to do with the evolution of the human species and our need for a nap each day.

Taking A Siesta in Some Cultures

When you look at other large populations of people, there are all kinds of signs that a small afternoon nap is productive.  Latin cultures like to use the term “Siesta” for their mid-day break, where often people go home and rest for a short while and then continue on later with their awake schedule.  This is not a new thing either, this has been actually going on for thousands of year with many different cultures.  It just might mean that its beneficial for people to tell their boss they will be sleeping each day for 30 minutes in the afternoon right after lunch.

Naps Make You More Productive:

As scientists pay more attention to what is potentially happening when people take naps, there is becoming much more clear evidence that productivity increases for people who nap regularly in the afternoon.  Some scientists believe that a short nap after lunch just might help you to become 30-40% more productive for the rest of the afternoon when compared without taking a nap.

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