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Sleep Apnea May Give You a Bad Memory

Have you ever wondered what is happening in your brain when you are asleep?  Have you ever wanted to find out why you are often forgetting things that other people have no difficulty in recalling? There very well may be a direct correlation to what is going on here if you suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA.

Neurologists have in recent years been able to monitor the inner workings of the brain, and it has become clear that sleeping and dreaming is a very important part in the overall success of memory.  For example, while being monitored, healthy individuals without sleep apnea were examined while asleep.  It was determined that the brains of these individuals were constantly reviewing and replaying the daily events of that previous day, often hundreds of times per hour.  It is believed that this process is what is responsible for stamping memories into certain parts of our brains.  Without this, we may have a much harder time remembering things, names, events, dates etc…

Now, if you are an individual who suffers from snoring and sleep apnea, you are dealing with an entirely different set of physical disabilities while you are asleep.  The main problem is the constant arousal which is taking place when your oxygen levels decrease and your brain is aroused.  This sets off a change in the brain waves as well which disrupts the replaying of events and makes it much harder for you to remember events from the past which other people can do with ease.

What this means is that not only are blood vessels and the heart and cardiac system affected by sleep apnea, but also your brain can be damaged and your lifestyle affected too.

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2 Common Sleep Apnea Symptoms


Being tired and feeling like you just don’t have any energy is the most common sleep apnea symptom.  Almost 100% of sleep apnea patients complain of fatigue to their partners or doctors at some time if not everyday.  The fatigue is also known as the silent killer for several reasons.  A very common way to cover up fatigue caused by sleep apnea is to drink excessive amounts of coffee and caffeine every day.  This only covers up the problem, and by no means does it cure the tiredness.  What is also does is it changes the normal and natural heart rate that a normal human should be having with all of the stimulants like coffee and coke and other high caffeine drinks.


Just like the other most common symptom of sleep apnea, snoring is also very high on the list.  There is a slight difference though between the two symptoms.  Not everyone who snores has sleep apnea.  There is such a thing as casual snoring which does not affect the person and is something that often goes untreated during a lifetime.  Loud and disruptive snoring is something totally different.  It is a sleep apnea symptom because it often leads to obstructions in the airway and the loss of oxygen to the rest of the body.  With the airway being either completely or partially closed throughout the night, it causes patients to develop severe sleep apnea symptoms.  Snoring is also just plain rude to be doing all the time whether you sleep with a partner or by yourself.  There are even noise violations issued to sleep apnea patients because their snoring is so loud.  One of the great things about snoring and some other sleep apnea symptoms is that they all can be treated with modern day medicine and even some surgical procedures.

Treatment of sleep apnea symptoms is often accomplished through the help of first getting an official diagnosis of sleep apnea.  That is possible with the help of either a family medicine or sleep medicine doctor.  You will need to undergo a sleep apnea test which is very simple.

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Not Having Enough Dreams is a Major Problem

Too many people are feeling tired during the daytime.  Too many people are waking up in the middle of the night and having a hard time falling back to sleep.  Way too many people are snoring so loud that their bed partners will not under any circumstances sleep with them anymore.  This seems to be the problem that is all too familiar to millions of people these days.  When is it all going to stop.

The whole issue of having dreams is one which is difficult at best to understand and wrap our hands around.  There are just too many people who are waking up in the moring and drinking extra cups of coffee or drinking ten cans of coke or pepsi all day long just to stay awake.  This is not good.  This is most definitely not normal or natural.  This can most certainly be one major thing: living with a sleeping disorder.

Dreams happen during REM(Random Eye Movement) sleep.  This sleep stage happens in most people for about 20-35% of the night.  Although scientists do not understand it completely, it is a known fact that when patients eliminate or reduce their REM sleep either voluntarily or due to physical or mental reasons, the rest of their life is impacted negatively.

There have been several studies comleted by Dr. William Dement who is considered the “Father of Sleep Medicine” from Stanford University, and he has been able to conclude that a lack of REM sleep will negatively impact someone’s life.  By that he has been able to record more irritations, much more sleepiness during the daytime, among other things.

If you are feeling tired during the day each and everyday, it is time for you to get tested during a sleep study to find out if you also suffer from a sleeping disorder.

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I Stop Breathing During My Sleep

Stop Breathing During Sleep

Stopping breathing during sleep is one of the most common signs of some type of breathing problem.  This is what many husbands and wives notice from their sleeping partner, especially when there are other symptoms associated when breathing stops.

Most importantly, this is something that should be taken very seriously, and looked into further.  When breathing stops during sleep, it is instantly slowing down or even stopping the flow of oxygen to the body.  This means that when the flow of air stops, the heart, brain, and every other body part are getting less oxygen than they deserve.  This can lead to all sorts of medical problems and even death.

Many people who stop breathing during sleep, have a sleeping disorder that is called Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  This breathing disorder is so common, that there is a good chance that everyone on this planet knows several people who have the disorder, but who are currently undiagnosed.  When our bodies are asleep, they should not be going through all of the punishment that is happening due to a lack of air in the lungs.  This is causing all sorts of side effects like high blood pressure, and even stroke.

If you stop breathing during your sleep, don’t just wait around for it to change.  If someone says that you stop breathing during your sleep, its time to fix your problem.  Fixing sleep apnea is not rocket science.  There are many different ways to combat this sleeping disorder without having to go through medications or surgery.  Ask your local physician what he or she recommends to get help with this.  Fixing sleep apnea will have a very positive effect on your life. For Sure!

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