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Restless Leg Syndrome

What is Restless Leg Syndrome(RLS)?
This sleep disorder is one which can affect not just one person but also the whole family.  Or whoever else is sleeping in the same bed as the RLS person.  The reason is that if you suffer from restless leg syndrome, you are having restless limbs all through the night.  This can be quite annoying because it can wake up the person with the sleeping disorder, as well as anyone else who is sleeping next to that person.

How Do You Know if you have RLS?
If you are the type of person who feels horriblly strange pains in your legs at night or throughout the day.  Also, if you get relief by stretching out these limbs, its very probably you have restless leg syndrome.  It is very common, however very rarely diagnosed and treated because physicians often overlook this sleeping disorder.

What is Causing Restless Leg Syndrome?
This is a question that the medical world has still not figure out.  Stay tuned I guess.

How Can you Fix Restless Leg Syndrome?
Usually, the person with RLS fix the problem with certain medications prescribed by your doctor.  When treated with medications, it can usually be close to 100% relieved.

Curing Restless Leg Syndrome

Once you have taken care of your restless leg syndrome, you will quickly see a change in life for yourself and your bed partner(s).  This is because now you will not have all of those arousals all night long, and have the chance to finally sleep through everything.  Something you have not had for potentially years.

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