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What is insomnia?
Great question.  It’s simple.  It’s what you say you have when you aren’t having a good night’s sleep.  What can be difficult is to figure out why you aren’t getting a good night’s sleep.  Simply asking your doctor for some sleeping pills is like putting a band aid on the problem.  As much as the drug companies who are making billions from selling the sleeping pills don’t want to publish, there are ways to fix your sleeping problem without taking medications or paying a single penny to anyone. So, the great mystery is to understand what is causing the insomnia in the first place.

Sometimes or Always

If you are the type of person, who every single night can’t fall asleep and you are getting just a couple of hours of sleep per week…there is very few of you and you should see a sleep doctor right away.  But, the large mass of people who complain of insomnia do so for a few days here and there, or for a week or two and it comes and goes.  For this group of people, first and foremost realize that this is a huge percentage of the population and most people experience something like this in their lifetimes.  You are not alone.

Some of the Causes of Insomnia

-Stress– very demanding periods in someone’s life can effect all aspects, including sleep.  Although the body wants to drift off into sleep, sometimes its just not possible.  So much action is taking place in the brain, that the need for sleeping can be avoided.  The side effects of not having sleep are going to remain with that person though, tiredness, not thinking clearly, irritable etc…
-Caffeine- this is a powerful drug and one that most people use to some extent.  It has the ability to keep people from sleeping for several hours or much more depending on the amount consumed.  If you are having difficulty sleeping, many people find relief if they remove caffeine from their intake several hours prior to going to sleep.
Strange Surroundings- sometimes it is difficult for people to find sleep when they are in an unusual setting.  This is nothing new, but it can create difficulty for lots of people.  Usually, this is something that goes away when the unusual place is more usual or someone is back home.  No major suggestions here other than explaining that this is normal

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