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Surgery and Oral Appliances Together Fix Snoring

With so many patients not wanting to use CPAP for snoring and sleep apnea, there is a new medical and dental solution combination that is working very well for many patients.  By themselves, minimally invasive snoring surgeries are often unsuccessful in terms of long term treatments.  The same is often true for people who snore all night long who decide to use an oral appliance to open up their airway.  But what both doctors and patients are finding out right now, is that the combination of the two treatments when used together, is very effective and is also a long term plan to stop both snoring and sleep apnea from affecting the day to day lives for those who suffer.

Snoring Surgery

The sleep surgery options that have been used for many years now range in a broad way from very minimally invasive approaches, to surgeries which involve splitting the jaw and removing parts of the soft palate.  These more substantial jaw breaking sleep surgeries are very complex and are extremely expensive, and often, they do not work.  This has made many people either decide to not look into any type of surgery, or to decide on something else to treat their obstructive sleep apnea.  The more minimally invasive surgical procedures are typically compelted within 5-10 minutes and always allow patients to simply walk out of the clinic afterwards.  These types of procedures are usually completed by an Ear, Nose & Throat  (ENT) surgeon and involve the use of lasers to remove certain pieces of tissue from the throat.  There are several different actual procedures and one of them that is very popular right now is called the Pillar Procedure.

Oral Appliances

The dental solution that so many people have been focusing on in recent years has been to use what is called an “oral appliance” to help the snoring and sleep apnea.  Appliances are dental devices which are made specifically for each individual’s mouth and are created after impressions are taken in the dental office.  These oral appliances help snoring by moving the mouth’s tissue away from the airway or by moving the lower jaw outwards to create more space within the airway.  It is also not 100% effective for treating snoring, but it does not require a major surgery, and with a bit of luck and some help from a basic medical procedure, oral appliances can be very effective in terms of a snoring treatment.

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