Stopping Snoring

Why People Snore, and How You Can Stop Snoring

People from all over the world snore.  Many of these people snore on a consistent basis, and other people in their family could verify that in less than a second.  But what is the physical reasoning behind snoring.  What is happening that is making someone snore all night long and with such a loud snoring sound?

The answer to why people snore is based on the fact that the person snoring has a small airway compared.  The air that is supposed to be traveling to the lungs is getting held up somewhere during the journey through the nose and mouth, and is causing the snoring sound to occur.  Some people who snore are very overweight.  If that is the case for you, just realize that the excess body weight around your neck is what is being pulled by gravity all night long and it is ending up in your airway.  This is making your airway smaller than usual and is causing the snoring sounds.

People do not always need to be overweight to snore.  There are many other people who snore for another reason.  By genetics, people might just be born with a small airway.  There are many reported cases of very large people who are not overweight, but snore all night long due to having a smaller airway compared to most people their size.

One other common reason that people snore while they sleep is based on their body position.  For most people, you are more likely to snore when you are sleeping in the supine position on your back.  Again, gravity is then able to pull your muscles and body tissue into your airway when yo sleep on your back and this makes the air flow much more restricted and can cause the snoring sounds.

As you can see, to fix snoring, it is always about changing the airway.  The airway usually needs to be larger, and once that is accomplished, the snoring will stop or at least be reduced.