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Sleep Apnea May Give You a Bad Memory

Have you ever wondered what is happening in your brain when you are asleep?  Have you ever wanted to find out why you are often forgetting things that other people have no difficulty in recalling? There very well may be a direct correlation to what is going on here if you suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA.

Neurologists have in recent years been able to monitor the inner workings of the brain, and it has become clear that sleeping and dreaming is a very important part in the overall success of memory.  For example, while being monitored, healthy individuals without sleep apnea were examined while asleep.  It was determined that the brains of these individuals were constantly reviewing and replaying the daily events of that previous day, often hundreds of times per hour.  It is believed that this process is what is responsible for stamping memories into certain parts of our brains.  Without this, we may have a much harder time remembering things, names, events, dates etc…

Now, if you are an individual who suffers from snoring and sleep apnea, you are dealing with an entirely different set of physical disabilities while you are asleep.  The main problem is the constant arousal which is taking place when your oxygen levels decrease and your brain is aroused.  This sets off a change in the brain waves as well which disrupts the replaying of events and makes it much harder for you to remember events from the past which other people can do with ease.

What this means is that not only are blood vessels and the heart and cardiac system affected by sleep apnea, but also your brain can be damaged and your lifestyle affected too.

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