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Sleep Apnea Devices

There are several different devices that can be used to treat Sleep Apnea.  The following are the most common treatment devices for sleep apnea patients.  They are listed in order of most popular to least popular.

CPAP and AutoPAP Therapy

CPAP stand for “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure” and it is used to provide a constant flow of airway to a patients lungs throughout the night.  With the help of a CPAP device, patients who have sleep apnea can benefit from the assistance of air pressure to make sure their airway does not close up.  This is a treatment therapy for OSA that has been around for several decades and it is very effective when used properly.  Along with the CPAP device, patients need to also wear a mask that the CPAP hose will attach to.  As many patients don’t want to wear a mask to sleep, it often turns out difficult to use this therapy on an on-going basis  especially for patients who have moderate sleep apnea symptoms.

Provent Therapy Devices

Provent Therapy is a very new technology which is a very small medical device that patients wear at nighttime when they are sleeping.  The Provent device is a small sticker with a small medical device in the center.  You attach them to each nostril and they help you to sleep and minimize the negative effects of sleep apnea respiratory disturbances.

Oral Appliance Devices

An oral appliance is something that a patient would wear in the mouth at night time.  It works to keep the airway open, and it does this by moving forward the lower jaw a very slight amount.  In effect, a very small distance of opening is all that is needed for a typical patient to relieve the closures of the airway that are so common with sleep apnea patients.  This type of device is something that a patient would receive from a dentist who is trained in sleep medicine and oral appliances.  They are relatively new compared to CPAP therapy, but oral appliances are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and effectiveness.  Somnomed makes a very good oral appliance device.

3 Responses to “Sleep Apnea Devices”

  1. Steven Katz says:

    Im looking for a non cpap device for my sleep apnea.

  2. Frank says:

    If you’re not interested in CPAP, you might want to consider an oral appliance. Lots of people are using those these days. Talk with your doctor about that to see what he/she thinks.

  3. Fively says:

    I want to try to analyze snore signals, for detection of sleep apnea.

    do you have snoring sounds data ?
    apneic snorers and benign snorers.
    can you help me with it ?

    Thank you.


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