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Sleep Apnea and Sleeping Pills

How do sleeping pills affect someone who is dealing with sleep apnea?

For so many people in today’s drug induced world, sleeping pills are prescribed quite often from doctors for many different reasons.  A very high percent of the population who take sleeping pills complain of having a hard time either falling or staying asleep at night.  One question remains though, if a person has already been diagnosed with sleep apnea, how do sleeping pills affect your sleep with OSA?

Sleeping pills are not recommended for anyone to be taking if they suffer from sleep apnea, unless they are using CPAP therapy properly.   The sleeping pills can cause someone to have a slower reaction time to get out of an apnea event while breathing and may allow oxygen levels to drop very low.  The sleeping pills basically act as a tranquilizer to the body, and if you combine that with un-treated sleep apnea, it is a recipe for disaster.  On the other hand, for someone who is using CPAP, the air pressure that is being supplied to the body will force breathing to continue at a proper pace, and should be un-affected by the sleeping pills.  Either way, you should speak with a physician about the best ways to deal with proper sleep before ever taking any prescription medications, especially if you know you suffer from sleep apnea or have a history of being tired and symptomatic of OSA throughout the day.

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