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Not Having Enough Dreams is a Major Problem

Too many people are feeling tired during the daytime.  Too many people are waking up in the middle of the night and having a hard time falling back to sleep.  Way too many people are snoring so loud that their bed partners will not under any circumstances sleep with them anymore.  This seems to be the problem that is all too familiar to millions of people these days.  When is it all going to stop.

The whole issue of having dreams is one which is difficult at best to understand and wrap our hands around.  There are just too many people who are waking up in the moring and drinking extra cups of coffee or drinking ten cans of coke or pepsi all day long just to stay awake.  This is not good.  This is most definitely not normal or natural.  This can most certainly be one major thing: living with a sleeping disorder.

Dreams happen during REM(Random Eye Movement) sleep.  This sleep stage happens in most people for about 20-35% of the night.  Although scientists do not understand it completely, it is a known fact that when patients eliminate or reduce their REM sleep either voluntarily or due to physical or mental reasons, the rest of their life is impacted negatively.

There have been several studies comleted by Dr. William Dement who is considered the “Father of Sleep Medicine” from Stanford University, and he has been able to conclude that a lack of REM sleep will negatively impact someone’s life.  By that he has been able to record more irritations, much more sleepiness during the daytime, among other things.

If you are feeling tired during the day each and everyday, it is time for you to get tested during a sleep study to find out if you also suffer from a sleeping disorder.

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