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Invisalign Helping Sleep Apnea Patients

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One of the problem with sleep apnea is that to treat the underlying problem, which is often an obstruction or blockage in the normal air passageway, patients need to use CPAP therapy.  CPAP is great and very effective for treating OSA, but most patients simply do not like it and are not willing to comply with using it every night.

Some great news for sleep apnea patients is that dentists are starting to get their hands wet with treating sleep apnea, and there has been a surprising report of a patient fixing their snoring and sleep apnea simply by getting Invisalign.  The patient was able to fix the blockage of the airway by re-arranging the placement of the teeth with the Invisalign product, and this helped prevent him from needing any further sleep apnea treatment.  What a miracle of modern day medicine, and with a combination of dental work as well.  What would have been great for this particular case since it is the first reported improvement of sleep apnea through the use of dental work other than an oral appliance, is if the patient had completed a pre and post Invisalign sleep study.  There is always a chance that some other factors are the reason for the patients improvement in sleep apnea symptoms.  One possible change might even be as simple as a different body position most of the night while sleeping.  For example, if the patient has now decided to sleep on the right side or left compared to supine, that often can reduce sleep apnea symptoms and severity.

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