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I’m Worried About My Snoring

Lately, my wife has been complaining that I keep her awake all night long.  I know that evhusband snoringer since I can remember, my sleeping patterns have been filled with snoring that comes and goes, but nobody has ever said it bothers them, and now my wife came out of nowhere telling me that she has been up for quite some time.

This has me pretty depressed and wondering what to do.  We don’t have other rooms in the house that I can sleep in so I am searching for help with my snoring.  I have read quite a bit lately online about obstructive sleep apnea, and it sounds like that just might be my main problem.  I have read how sleeping on your back can often make the apnea worse, and if that is true, it is definitely what I am doing.  I’m pretty overweight, and for me, it is just more comfortable to sleep on my back at night.  I don’t usually have time to nap or rest during the day because I am out working and driving a moving truck, but I sure would enjoy a nap once in a while.

My best guess is that next time I have a doctors appointment, I will bring up the snoring issue with my primary care doctor and see what he has to say.  I suspect they will want to refer me to a sleep doctor for one of those sleep studies which I also read about over the last few days.  If the sleep test can properly diagnosis me with sleep apnea, then I think I will be getting my snoring under control with whatever the next step is.  One of the positive things is I am under my wife’s health insurance, and I’ve already found out that they do cover sleep studies as long as you have a doctor’s referral.  That is some good news.

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