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Falling Asleep At Work From Sleep Apnea

Sleeping on the Job

There is not one person who actually wants to be falling asleep while they are working.  The facts show that more than 1 in 4 Americans has been caught sleeping or nearly falling asleep during working hours within the past two months.  That is a very high number and the root cause is believed to be something totally different than too much work.  The cause is actually from horrible sleep.  Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA is what most scientists and doctors believe is the true reason for why so many people fall asleep during the day.

Not Enough Quality Sleep

Most of the people who are caught sleeping on the job do not complain of too little sleep.  What they complain of is waking up in the morning and not feeling rested.  When you go further to ask them how many hours of sleep they have each night, sometimes the numbers are more than the 6-8 hours which most people consider normal.  So what is happening here?  The answer again is poor sleep quality.  When you are trying to sleep but keep waking yourself up all night long, that is poor sleep.  When you are stopping your breathing all throughout the night, that too is poor sleep.

Sleep Apnea

The worst sleepers often have sleep apnea.  This is a very simple sleeping disorder, but it can be devastating to the sleeper, and also to the family members who live close by.  Sleep apnea occurs when someone’s airway becomes blocked and stops allowing the air to flow freely to the lungs.  This as anyone can imagine causes a drop in oxygen levels which can actually kill you or cause heart attacks or strokes.  The reason that people do not feel rested is because they are constantly being aroused all through the night.  The brain actually wakes up the person who has the sleep apnea and causes them to move about to open up the airway.  This is the true reason behind why so many people fall asleep during work days, even though they slept for many hours the night before.

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