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Face Masks for CPAP Sleep Apnea Machines

New CPAP Masks in 2011

Every year, there are new pieces of equipment to use with CPAP machines.  The most popular type of new gear is the masks that fit on your face.  The face masks are getting much more comfortable to wear, and that is very important.  Often, patients who have obstructive sleep apnea will put on their mask when they are getting ready to go to sleep, but they will take it off sometime during the night.

Removing Your Face Mask While You Are Sleeping

Although it is not part of the preferred treatment for OSA, when patients remove their facemask while they are sleeping, it is actually something that is very important.  The patients do this mainly because the mask is not fitting their face properly, and then that means that CPAP therapy is no longer useful.  When the mask is removed, it is critically important that this patient finds a new replacement CPAP mask that works better for them.  A face mask that is more comfortable.  In order for the airway to remain open all night long, CPAP air pressure must be applied throughout the night.

Face Mask Options for CPAP Users

Often times, people complain that their mask is causing them to feel claustrophobic.  This is not a new phenomena because when you look at some of the masks that are offered to CPAP users, they look like something that a war veteran would have in their closet.  Sometimes the masks completely cover the patients face to the point where it looks like a full on gas mask.  If patients are worried about being smothered by the masks, they should decide to try a partial face mask, or even a mask called “nasal pillows”.  There are so many different options of face masks for CPAP machines, that patients should not get discouraged if the first mask they try does not work out properly.

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