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EPAP from Provent Therapy

Placing some stickers under your nostrils to help with sleep apnea is becoming more and more popular thanks to the help of new technology and affordable medical devices.  Yes, it sounds crazy, and even looks a bit crazy too, but Provent Therapy from Ventus Medical is leading the way and helping many people sleep better in a rather unusual way.  Their medical device which is available to patients with a prescription, helps to create “Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure” or EPAP, and this helps to keep the airway open during the night while patients are asleep.

Much like the ideas behind “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure” or CPAP, Provent Therapy has found a new and innovative way to treat sleep apnea, and for patients who use the therapy, its a life saver.  Many patients who are usual CPAP users, but who are not always able to bring their CPAP devices along with them wherever they go while away from home (work related travel, a weekend out camping, or any other reason) have started looking for alternatives to sleeping without any treatment.  This void is easily filled by this new treatment.  What is becoming even more common is that CPAP patients who use provent therapy as an initial test, sometimes find out that it helps them so much that they make a switch to using this therapy for their long term treatment of sleep apnea.

We expect that Provent will become more and more popular within the coming years, and may be re-developed into some new ways which will make it even more effective.


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  1. Wendell Rupley says:

    Sleep apnea should be closely monitored since it can also lead to further health complications such as heart problems. :’;,’


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