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Dad Snoring

My Father Snores

Who else has woken up in the night and heard your dad snoring so loud that he literally wakes you right up?  It’s crazy to think that someone can wake you up from your sleep, but while you are sitting there wide awake listening to the freight train sounds from the snoring, your dad is still sleeping like nothing is happening.  It is amazing, but the reality is that this exact event is taking place all over the world, every single day of the year millions and millions of times.

Because snoring is never known by the person who is committing the crime of loud snoring, it is often very difficult to explain how bad it can be.  Who has sat around the breakfast table before and told your father how loud they were snoring, and then had them look at you like you are crazy?  It’s so hard to recognize the fact that the snorer simply doesn’t remember any of the snoring, but that is reality.  People who snore have no clue what they are doing, and how loud it is all night long.

Making Sure Dad Knows How Loud His Snoring Is

Here is a simple solution.  One night, get a tape recorder, or a video camera, and simply record the snoring while it is going on.  You don’t need to record hours and hours of it, just a few seconds.  But be sure to record the audio.  When you have a few minutes of the snoring recorded, you can simply play back all of the loud sounds the next day to your father.  If your dad is not convinced that his snoring is a major problem, then you are out of luck.  But there is a good chance that he will recognize it is a problem, and he should talk to a doctor.  There is a good chance he has un-diagnosed sleep apnea, and that can be a major health risk.


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  1. Hasaano says:

    Allergies and sleep apnea are two very different tihgns. Allergies will do everything from itchy eyes, inflamed sinus, runny nose, sneezing, snoring to mention a few. Sleep apnea on the other hand means you stop breathing for a few seconds and then jolt slightly awake when you start to breath again. You do snore louder then normal because you’re trying to replace the oxygen you’ve missed by not breathing for those few seconds. To the best of my knowledge there’s nothing you can buy over the counter for Sleep Apnea, you could try the strips that go over the bridge of the nose to hold the nostrils open but they very very rarely have any affect or reduce the volume of the freight train. I have had a little bit more success with using a humidifier close to the bed, the noise is caused by vibration in the back of the mouth and throat, if it’s lubricated it doesn’t vibrate as hard or as loud.


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