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Checking Your Apneas After Sleep Apnea Surgery

One of the benefits for all patients who enter the medical world is the ability to make use of modern day technology.  This is particularly useful for patients who have undergone sleep apnea surgery.  Many of the surgical benefits that are anticipated are often achieved after a good surgeon performs the agreed upon surgical procedure for treating sleep apnea, but there are also times when patients don’t get the benefits they had expected.

Don’t worry though if you are a patient, there is a definite way to test out how well your surgery has helped your respiratory disturbances, it is known as the sleep study.  In today’s modern world, everyone is also able to get a home sleep study right from there house.  There are several national and many local sleep testing service companies which will send you the necessary medical equipment to do just this.

If for any reason you are not sure if the surgery that was performed is actually helping you out, ask your doctor to prescribe a home sleep study, and soon enough you will have the results to compare.  One thing that you may already realize is very important, would be to have a sleep study also performed prior to having surgery.  This way you will have some diagnostic results to compare everything to.  This will almost certainly be part of your pre-surgery program, as any good sleep doctor or ENT surgeon will want to make sure the surgery is absolutely necessary.  If you find yourself in a situation where a surgeon is wanting to perform the surgery on you without you ever having a sleep study, that may be a sign that its time to find a new surgeon, and a serious red flag.

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