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Central Sleep Apnea after CPAP Use

There are new reports coming out that are showing surprising details.  As there is starting to be a huge push in the United States and abroad to test patients who report symptoms close associated to sleep apnea, when it comes time for treatment some new respiratory events seem to be occurring too.

Central Sleep Apneas:

After the patients are diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA), it is very common that they are being prescribed Continuous Positive Airway Pressure(CPAP).  This is a great therapy and treatment for OSA, however, during a follow up diagnostic sleep study, many patients are also showing a new development in “Central Sleep Apnea” events.  These particular events that can take place at night time do not involve an actual obstruction of the airway, but rather they are more closely associated with a neurological event taking place which is stopping the breathing from happening.

Are Central Sleep Apneas A Real Problem:

The central apneas are not something to get too worried about.  Not only does the CPAP help out with the oxygen desaturations during these events, but they are also less frequent most of the time compared to the patients original study findings.  The best news about these particular breathing disturbances is that they tend to go away and take care of themselves over time as the patient continues to use CPAP equipment.  This is something that all patients and physicians should be aware of.  The most important thing for everyone to realize is that this is starting to be noticed more and more often, and that it is also going away over time, so no need to over react and change treatment for most patients.

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