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My Wife Snores all night long, what can I do?

First off, don’t worry too much, there are about 15 million other husbands dealing with the exact same thing as you.  Most of the time, it is because your wife has a case of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  If your wife is someone who is tired much of th time, pauses or chokes in her sleep, and has no recollection of this behavior, that might just mean she has sleep apnea. It is totally treatable.  But get started contacting someone either by phone or through the internet that can help out.  There should be all types of local companies who specialize in helping patients just like your wife, many of them are probably related to sleep medicine organizations or medical groups.  Some of the side effects of un treated sleep apnea can lead to health issues down the road, so that is why you should get started with this right away.  It is never too late.

Some women, especially overweight women might tend to have a more moderate to severe case of sleep apnea.  But don’t worry, again, it is totally treatable.  You just want to get the ball rolling ASAP.  Plus, if it means your wife isn’t going to keep you awake all night long with her dreadful snoring, get started contacting someone right now.  There should be tons of places you can go online or in the phone book.  There are so many doctors you can call to get started with treating this its amazing these days.

Good luck, and just realize that your wife may be having a total closure of the airway which is causing oxygen to NOT get into her body.   This causes bad things down the road, and bad side effects daily like fatigue for example.  So don’t wait, get started with helping her out.  She will be very thankful.  Oh, and a side benefit is reduced sexual disfunction… Most of us like that part.

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