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What Sleep Apnea Sounds Like

It is not very difficult to determine if someone is struggling through their sleep with obstructive sleep apnea(OSA).  Actually, it is quite simple.  All you need to do is take a good listen to the sounds that are being made, and there’s a great chance you will be able to recognize the tell tale signs of his sleeping disorder.  In this video, you can hear the common sounds of moderate snoring, but you can also hear the sounds of airway obstructions if you listen a bit more closely.

What might surprise you is that sleep apnea is not something that is reserved for men or women.  It is found in both sexes and the current trend is that more and more females are being diagnosed as the years are moving forward.  One thing that everyone should pay attention to is directly related to sleep.  If you are feeling tired and fatigued during the day, try to record your sleep one night with a simple video camera.  It is very possible that you are making sleep apnea related sounds just like you can hear in this video.  All snoring is not sleep apnea, but quite a bit of it is.

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I’m Worried About My Snoring

I’m Worried About My Snoring

Lately, my wife has been complaining that I keep her awake all night long.  I know that evhusband snoringer since I can remember, my sleeping patterns have been filled with snoring that comes and goes, but nobody has ever said it bothers them, and now my wife came out of nowhere telling me that she has been up for quite some time.

This has me pretty depressed and wondering what to do.  We don’t have other rooms in the house that I can sleep in so I am searching for help with my snoring.  I have read quite a bit lately online about obstructive sleep apnea, and it sounds like that just might be my main problem.  I have read how sleeping on your back can often make the apnea worse, and if that is true, it is definitely what I am doing.  I’m pretty overweight, and for me, it is just more comfortable to sleep on my back at night.  I don’t usually have time to nap or rest during the day because I am out working and driving a moving truck, but I sure would enjoy a nap once in a while.

My best guess is that next time I have a doctors appointment, I will bring up the snoring issue with my primary care doctor and see what he has to say.  I suspect they will want to refer me to a sleep doctor for one of those sleep studies which I also read about over the last few days.  If the sleep test can properly diagnosis me with sleep apnea, then I think I will be getting my snoring under control with whatever the next step is.  One of the positive things is I am under my wife’s health insurance, and I’ve already found out that they do cover sleep studies as long as you have a doctor’s referral.  That is some good news.

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My Husband Snores

Hotel sleep apnea

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Husband Snores all night long, what can I do?

First off, don’t worry too much, there are about 15 million other wives dealing with the exact same thing as you.  Most of the time, it is because your husband has a case of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  If your husband is someone who is tired much of th time, pauses or chokes in his sleep, and has no recollection of this behavior, that might just mean he has sleep apnea. It is totally treatable.  But get started contacting someone either by phone or through the internet that can help out.  There should be all types of local companies who specialize in helping patients just like your husband, many of them are probably related to sleep medicine organizations or medical groups.  Some of the side effects of un treated sleep apnea can lead to health issues down the road, so that is why you should get started with this right away.  It is never too late.

Some of the problems that you will probably encounter is a husband who is in denial about their snoring, and apnea, and how it effects their life.  If they are like the other 15 million husbands, they think it is no big deal since they have been dealing with it already their whole life.  WRONG.  It’s a major big deal having un treated sleep apnea.  Their throat is closing up and causing oxygen levels to go down in their whole body including their brain… I think that is a very big deal.  But once again never fear, sleep apnea is 100% treatable. The bigger issue is going to be getting your husband out of the denial phase.  That is probably best left to a professional.  So again, I encourage you to seek help right away.  This will be a major improvement in your husband’s life, and they should have nothing but BIG THANKS for you being able to help them out like this.  Some people have never slept with their husbands and not had them snore until they treated their sleep apnea.  I can put my wife in that category too.  Good luck, and don’t wait to get started.

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