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Can Provent Therapy Really Help Sleep Apnea?

Sometimes it takes a little bit of time for new medical devices to become known in different medical circles.  That seems to also be true for Provent Therapy which treats sleep apnea.  Provent, a medical device organization has created a very unique sleep apnea solution which very well could transform the treatment of one of America’s most undiagnosed and dangerous sleeping disorders.

The Provent Therapy is used at nighttime and consists of two very small devices that are placed over the nostrils of a sleep apnea patients nose.  The devices are able to create pressure that can increase the airway and both reduce negative effects of sleep apnea, and also benefit the patient’s by allowing for a much better night’s sleep.  As the benefits of good sleep become more and more well known, this type of easy solution might be one which the mass population takes a liking to.

Some of the alternative treatments for patients who suffer from sleep apnea are CPAP therapy as well as surgery which is obviously more dramatic.  There have always been several difficulties with the traditional sleep apnea treatments.  Mainly with CPAP, because many patients who suffer from sleep apnea are not willing to wear a mask to sleep every night, and if they do, often times they become non-compliant with their treatment as time goes on.  It is simply difficult to wear something foreign on your face when you are used to not doing that for your entire previous life.  Make no mistake though, CPAP therapy is very effective when used properly, and most compliant patients would agree to that.  It can cure sleep apnea right away.  The same is sometimes true for surgery.  There is a common sleep apnea surgery that ENT physicians perform, and it is called “Turbinate Reduction” which does what you would think.  It reduces the physical size of the turbinates which can cause a blockage of the airway.  Of course there is a downside to surgery, mainly, people are not usually wanting to have surgery on their bodies, and as you would expect, the costs are often very high which many sleep apnea patients simply can not afford.

So will Provent Therapy become the new best solution for un-treated sleep apnea patients?  That will hopefully be better understood in the months and years to come.  So many people are testing it out, and even Ear Nose and Throat doctors are getting their feet wet with prescribing this new device.  Provent therapy is simple to use, and just about anybody can afford it’s very low cost.  Whether or not people will give up their CPAP’s after trying Provent will also be interesting to find out.

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