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2 Common Sleep Apnea Symptoms


Being tired and feeling like you just don’t have any energy is the most common sleep apnea symptom.  Almost 100% of sleep apnea patients complain of fatigue to their partners or doctors at some time if not everyday.  The fatigue is also known as the silent killer for several reasons.  A very common way to cover up fatigue caused by sleep apnea is to drink excessive amounts of coffee and caffeine every day.  This only covers up the problem, and by no means does it cure the tiredness.  What is also does is it changes the normal and natural heart rate that a normal human should be having with all of the stimulants like coffee and coke and other high caffeine drinks.


Just like the other most common symptom of sleep apnea, snoring is also very high on the list.  There is a slight difference though between the two symptoms.  Not everyone who snores has sleep apnea.  There is such a thing as casual snoring which does not affect the person and is something that often goes untreated during a lifetime.  Loud and disruptive snoring is something totally different.  It is a sleep apnea symptom because it often leads to obstructions in the airway and the loss of oxygen to the rest of the body.  With the airway being either completely or partially closed throughout the night, it causes patients to develop severe sleep apnea symptoms.  Snoring is also just plain rude to be doing all the time whether you sleep with a partner or by yourself.  There are even noise violations issued to sleep apnea patients because their snoring is so loud.  One of the great things about snoring and some other sleep apnea symptoms is that they all can be treated with modern day medicine and even some surgical procedures.

Treatment of sleep apnea symptoms is often accomplished through the help of first getting an official diagnosis of sleep apnea.  That is possible with the help of either a family medicine or sleep medicine doctor.  You will need to undergo a sleep apnea test which is very simple.

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